Have you ever wondered which part of earth exists directly beneath your feet? Globe is a web app that shows you. Using the accelerometer in your phone, Globe projects a vision of Earth from where you stand as if the planet were see-through. With Globe you can look at any part of the world, be it just beyond the horizon or the other side of the world. Find any country and even put your friends and family at the centre of your map. We are developing Globe to show people a new perspective on their world.

The software making this possible is being crafted by our developer Peter Saxton. Globe is currently in active development and the team hope to being revealing the first versions soon. Why not join our mailing list to be among the very first to get the latest updates

Globe brings places on the far side of Earth into clearer view. A gentle reminder that we share our planet with everyone else on it and they are not so far away if you’re looking straight at them…!

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